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MONDAY - SATURDAY, 9am - 5.30 pm


POSTAL SERVICE: As many of our customers know, we post phone, online shop and internet orders out by first class Royal Mail on the day of ordering (as long as the required item is in stock of course!). Royal Mail have, without warning, changed the time of our last daily collection from 6.30pm to 4.45pm. So if you want anything posted on the day of ordering, WE NEED TO RECEIVE YOUR ORDER BY 4pm AT THE LATEST!!

Can't get to the shop? Give us a call on 020 7482 5424,
or email

If we have it in stock we will post to you 1st class on the day you order, if not in stock, we will order for you, and get it to you as quickly as possible!

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DOTS, the Camden Music Shop, can help you with everything musical:
instruments, music, reeds, rosin, strings, repairs, advice and help.

At Dots we have an ever-increasing stock and will order anything that you want which is not on our shelves. However, books listed in stock on our website will be posted first class on the day of ordering!

If you're not sure what you are looking for, we are always happy to help by phone (020 7482 5424) or email (

Postage and Packing depends on the size of the item, and covers postage in the UK.
(for delivery outside the UK please phone or email for postage price)

If you are in London and want to visit, there's always a welcoming coffee pot.
Alternatively, just ring, send us an email, or browse online.



We don't buy secondhand instruments at DOTS, but we do have a secondhand page on the website where you are welcome to advertise for free. Click on the tab that says 'sell your instrument here' and fill in the required information. The ad will appear on our site. However, there is no facility for you to edit or remove the ad, so please remember to email us if you would like the ad taken down!



Our woodwind repairer, Alex de Renzi, visits us on Saturdays. She will do small repairs on site, but generally takes instruments away to repair in her workshop, usually returning them the following Saturday. She is a very experienced repairer, and her charges are extremely competetive. You can reach her on 07799 363374.


NEW: Expert repairs for all brass instruments

Luke Woodhead is the reason that many of the world's professional horn players have their instruments in such fine condition. For the last 7 years, Luke has used the workshop at DOTS as his London base. His business is so busy and successful that he now needs bigger premises, so sadly he is leaving us and opening a new workshop from 1 December 2016 at


It is a short walk from both underground and overground, and will also boast a sofa and cups of coffee!

His phone number remains the same.

Luke's website is Or just give him a call on 07970 971520